Sign up today to start diverting your organic waste from the landfill.

How It Works


Sign up today to start diverting your waste from the landfill in Northfield, Dundas, and Faribault, MN!

Get a bucket

We’ll deliver you a 5-gallon bucket, plus a compostable bag and a guide on how to compost with us.

Fill it up

Fill your bucket with food scraps and other compostable materials

Leave it on the curb

Once a week, we’ll pick up your waste and give you a new bag. You’re ready for another week of curbside composting!

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If our service isn’t affordable, it won’t benefit the environment or the community. To keep our prices low while still allowing us to expand, we use a sliding scale system of payment.

You as a subscriber can opt to pay a higher monthly or yearly rate if you can afford it, or you can select a lower price that’s made available because of the sliding scale. You receive the same service regardless of tier, but choosing a higher tier means we can offer lower prices and free subscriptions, and gives us the resources we need to create more high-paying, green jobs in the Cannon River area. 

Sliding Scale Tiers

Prices vary for Faribault service area. Enter your address in the tool above to see Faribault prices.

Tier 1$15$180
Tier 2$20$240
Tier 3$25$300
Tier 4$30$360
Extra Bucket$3$36

If you want to compost but our standard prices are not affordable for you, please check out our low-income prices!

Cannon the Compost Cat says: “A sliding scale makes composting accessible to everyone!”

We also provide service for businesses, schools, places of worship, and condominiums.
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