Curbside Composting FAQs and Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll deliver your bucket the Thursday after you subscribe. Service starts the week after and continues all year round! This is slightly different for rural subscribers.

The definitive list of what we do and don’t accept can be found here, from the facility that processes the organic waste we collect. When you sign up, we’ll give you a two-sheet guide to what is and isn’t compostable.

Once a week on a specific day of the week depending on where you live. We’ll contact you shortly after you subscribe to let you know. This is slightly different for rural subscribers.

  • We currently collect from Northfield, Dundas, and the surrounding area. We are happy to accommodate rural subscribers — send us an email if that’s you and we’ll work something out!
  • If you live in an apartment, let us know where to deliver your bucket to and where you’ll put it out each week.

In almost all cases, yes! We collect compost Monday – Thursday, even if one of those days happens to fall on a holiday. The only exception is Christmas; if your compost collection day falls on Christmas, we will give you a heads-up in December about the changes we’ll make to your route for that week.

We’re happy to accommodate the occasional extra bucket or 2 of compost, especially around holidays. But if you regularly have more compost than fits in your bucket(s) from us, consider signing up for another bucket by requesting one through the customer support form found in your customer account portal.

If we haven’t collected your bucket by 8 PM on your collection day, we didn’t skip your bucket for any reason other than that we didn’t see it or forgot about it. Our apologies! Please fill out the missed bucket report form found in your customer portal and put your bucket out by 8 AM on the Thursday following the missed collection.

We can only accept as much yard waste as you can fit in your bucket(s). If you need more space, we encourage you to either sign up for a yard waste bin from DSI for a monthly fee or take your yard waste to the City yard waste site at no cost.

If you always keep a lid on your bucket, put it on the curb every week, and clean it out regularly, you will not deal with any bad smells. In fact, putting all your organic waste in one container lets you separate the potentially smelly stuff from the rest of the trash, which will stop your trash from smelling bad!

This has never been a problem for our subscribers. If you still worry about it, just make sure the lid is on securely when you put your bucket on the curb.

We will provide you with one 8-gallon bag for each of your buckets each week. Using the bag we provide makes our job easier and will keep your bucket cleaner. You can purchase extra bags (sold at most grocery stores), but please ensure that they are certified compostable.

Absolutely! Send us an email to set up payment for however many months in a year you’d like to participate and we’ll only charge you for those months.

Update your payment information here through your customer portal. Consider switching your payment method to a bank account to decrease the processing fees we have to pay and to avoid dealing with expiring credit cards.

Tips for Successful Curbside Composting

  • Tie your bag if possible. The simplest method is knotting two edges of the bag together, but if that doesn’t work, you can use something like natural-fiber twine or natural-fiber yarn. Never use twist ties or other non-compostable materials.
  • Flatten your pizza boxes and put them under your bucket after removing food and trash from them.
  • Especially during the winter months, line the bottom of your bucket with crumpled-up newspaper to absorb liquid and prevent the bag from freezing to the bucket. This also helps keep your bucket clean in the summer.
  • If it is difficult to open or seal the lid of your bucket, put a rock on it that securely holds down the lid without sealing it.
  • Your bucket doesn’t have to get gross. Wiping it out each week after collection goes a long way to prevent build-up.
  • If you are dealing with pests like insects, consider keeping your bucket indoors. Always secure the lid on the bucket when you are not using it.
smiling jack-o-lantern on a bucket
You can compost your Jack-o’-lanterns too!